A first glimpse of Windows Phone 9?

New design for Windows Phone 9

No, you’re not seeing things. This is Windows Phone 9 – but not the official WP9. The images are the work of talented Indonesian designer Ghani Pradita, currently on show at Behance.

Ghani Pradita created his concept of how Windows Phone 9 smartphone might look with the emphasis on the User Interface and the User Experience.

Ghani says that the widgets are scrollable horizontally; and shows his vision of the panel shortcut and new lockscreen. The horizontal scrolling is lifted straight from the desktop version of Windows 8 – and may be something that Microsoft and Nokia should be looking at.

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5 thoughts on “A first glimpse of Windows Phone 9?

  1. Jen Chun Chuang

    It looks better. WP8 has too much blank space on screen, and it doesn’t support background image. If Microsoft doesn’t like background image, they should limit the blank space instead.


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