100 per cent growth for Windows Phone


The latest report from ABI Research says that Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system saw a steady growth of 19 percent from the third to the fourth quarter in 2013 in terms of the handsets shipped, and a 104 percent growth year on year from Q4 2012.

The report shows Windows Phone market share remaining the same however, at 4 percent, from Q3 2013 to Q4 2013. The data also details that 10.9 million Windows Phones were shipped worldwide in the fourth quarter which is a big increase from 5.3 million in Q4, 2012.

The ABI research supports claims from Microsoft that it has sold almost twice the number of handsets compared to the previous holiday period. Also the Nokia Lumia devices amounted to almost 90 percent of all the Windows Phones sales in Q4.

As far as the iOS platform is concerned, it recaptured some market share with the iPhone 5s launch, increasing from 15 percent in Q3 2013 to 18 percent in Q4 2013. Year-on-year market share dropped however, from 23 percent in Q4 2012. Emerging markets were the strongest growth sector. Nick Spencer, senior practice director, mobile devices, ABI Research, said, “Apple continues to avoid a low cost smartphone product to target these markets, focusing instead on its traditional premium segment, where growth is harder to achieve due to fast approaching market saturation.”

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